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Types of Paints

There are several types of paint out on the open market today, and each of them have their own special features. In order to use the correct type of paint, you must first now what they each do and later on choose the right paint for the right type of job. This is the article where we are going to talk about some of the main types of paints which can be found on the market and what they have to offer you.The first type of paints which can be found on the markets are furniture paints. These types of paints can be found wither in liquid or spray form and are a more delicate paint, as they are designed to be applied on softer materials which are used in the composition of furniture items. The colour array is almost limitless and all you have to be careful of is the way in which you apply the paint. Haste will not help you get the job done quickly here, and might actually ruin the end result. Furniture is art, and paint is another for of art, so tale your time, and build a masterpiece.The second type of paint which can be found on the market is a bit more complex and is called insulating paint. It is the best means of temperature control and is to be found at a nice price too. Some insulating paint are designed by NASA and resemble the types of paint which are used on the exterior shell of space shuttles. The role of these insulating paints is quite simple. Keep heat in and the cold outside, and the other way around, depending on the season. A great way to cut down on house maintenance costs, insulating paint will give air conditioning a much needed break during the summer, and heaters will be spared during the winter time.The last type of miracle paint is elastomeric paint and this is the pinnacle of science. Integrated with rubber particles, elastomeric paint is flexible and tough at the same time. It can withstand wind rains of up to 98 miles per hour and is the true Hercules of paints. Probably the best paint finish you could offer to your house, it comes at a steep price, however the degree of quality, is simply staggering.Three types of paint for three types of tasks. It is now up to you to choose the task and the paint to match it.