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Home Interior Design – Five Common Mistakes

Each time people think of home interior design, they will think of hiring an interior designer. Hiring a professional can be really expensive, but now you can easily turn your house into the home of your dreams on minimum budget. But in order to do that, you need to avoid these five common interior design mistakes:1. Over furnishing a roomIt is important that you measure the dimension of the room you want to furnish before buying any furniture pieces. People tend to buy furniture that is too big for the room, which will only make it feel stuffy and crowded. Try to limit the number of pieces in the room.2. Hanging artwork too high on the wallDo not hang paintings or portraits too high, they should be hung at approximately eye level. But of course, eye level is different for different people. The rule of thumb is to hang the artwork 66″-72″ (165-180 cm) from the floor. If the artwork is big, you can hang it higher, but still around the midpoint of the wall. If there you want to hang a picture above a sofa, the bottom of the frame should be 6″-8″ (15-20 cm) on top of the furniture piece.3. DisorganizationPeople often keep things that they don’t really use, and at times they just leave stuff lying everywhere around the room. Surely you don’t want a room that looks messy or stuffy. Try to get rid of unwanted or unused items and store the things you want to keep in a box or other storage unit. You will be surprised at how spacious your room can be.4. Quantity versus qualityWhen decorating your home interior, more stuff does not necessarily mean better. It is important to get only what you absolutely love, and avoid cheap art. It does not have to be overly expensive, but it has to be the best that you can afford. High quality artwork or furniture will last longer and has good resale value if you choose to sell it later on.5. Insufficient lightingPeople rarely pay attention to the lighting in a room and they tend to utilize only one overhead light source. You should utilize several light sources instead. They are not only intended for lighting purposes, but they can help create an atmosphere in a room as well. You can add some table lamps in your study for reading books or a chandelier in the living room for a luxurious ambience.